Know How & Technology

Working with many different processes and unit operations in the processing industries, EUCHEM  is able to combine a variety of processes and process technologies to find the best possible solution to the client’s requirement. EUCHEM continuously updates its processes and technologies to be abreast of the latest development.

Euchem is the exclusive South African Licensee to Dedert Corporation, U.S.A. a world leader in evaporation and separation technologies.
For our drying technologies we represent VETTER Maschinenfabrik from Germany, the most successful supplier of steam tube dryers in the world. VETTER is a part of DEDERT’s group of companies

The close ties with the DEDERT’s group of companies also gives Euchem excellent opportunities to draw on other valuable sources within the processing  industries. This means that in addition to its own vast project experience, Euchem can benefit from the technologies, expertise, financial and manpower resources of its licensor.

The process know-how and technology applied may also be supplied by the customer, in which case Euchem will supply engineering and project management for the project. Euchem would then work under secrecy agreements to protect the customer’s property completely.