Process Design and Engineering

Our staff members are Professional Engineers with extensive experience in all mass and heat transfer operations as well as detail design of related  equipment like packed and tray distillation columns and all type of heat exchangers.

We design and supply virtually every type of evaporator and in particular evaporators for liquors with severe corrosion and scaling problems.
Our systems are designed to recycle water, separate and reduce waste, reclaim by-products, enhance process or product quality, increase throughput and improve productivity.
Designs are developed on AutoCAD computer workstations, allowing direct interface with client’s  CAD system for easy review and revision. Communication speed is guaranteed by means of electronic data exchange like internet e-mail.

State-of-the-art mechanical/thermal design software encourages sophisticated approaches and allows us to provide our customers quickly an engineered package containing flowsheets with material balance data, general arrangement drawings and equipment loading details.  Early supply of this information speeds finalization of foundation, structural steel and interconnecting piping layouts, thus expediting completion of the project.
We are experienced in all major U. S. and international manufacturing standards, including ASME, TEMA and Ad-Merkblatter.
Although our systems are predominantly stainless steel, we offer expertise in a variety of other corrosion resistant materials including titanium, high nickel alloys, rubber-lined steel and duplex stainless steel.

EUCHEM offers:
 - Feasibility studies
 - Basic engineering such as:
    1. preparation of process diagrams
    2. preparation of mass- and energy balances
    3. preparation of installation plans

 - Detail engineering such as :
    4. preparation of P & Idiagrams
    5. preparation of equipment lists
    6. preparation of pipeline lists
    7. preparation of lists of fittings and valves
    8. preparation of process, measuring and control systems and electrical parts
    9. preparation of machine specifications
   10. process and equipment calculation and design.
   11. equipment detail drawings.
   12. preparation of detailed installation drawings and calculation of all loads
   13. preparation of construction- and steel structure drawings
   14. pipeline planning including isometrics